On Sabbatical

As you may have noticed, the posts here at The Financista have been sporadic, at best, of late. Unfortunately, I believe that trend will continue indefinitely as it has been hard to find time to post on a regular basis. If you have ideas or questions for posts, or any comments, please do still feel free to email me at TheFinancista@gmail.com. I do plan to post every so often, but more as the mood strikes me than as a regular endeavor.

Thanks for reading! Hope it's made cents!



Summer is in the Air, Optimism and Sales Abound

So I don't know who has been paying attention to the stock market lately (I have!), but it has been on an absolute terror, and I am loving it! I am not sure what it is about this time of year, but there is a certain lightness of being all around, even in the financial world it seems.

Since Memorial Day starts summer unofficially, stores all around are trying to latch out to your excitement. Both REI and EMS have sales on camping gear this weekend. Other big time retailers like Macy*s and Dillards always join in the frenzy as well. While I'm not encouraging frivilous spending, maybe it's time to finally get that headlamp after all!



FSF: Freecycle

Everything posted on Freecycle is free -- that's right -- FREE! Posted items range from flashlights to old magazines to berets and various sundry in between. If you've never checked it out, it's worth doing so.

My roommate was going to buy a set of free weights until a nice couple replied to my request for them. It's also an excellent way to be a good steward and make sure usable items don't end up in a landfill just because you ran out of space in your closet.

Did you get a new blowdryer? Or spicerack? A bigger CD case? (All things I have posted for free on Freecycle). So far, my experience in both giving and receiving has been extremely positive.



Boomerang Kids

According to a Kiplinger article, more than half of all college seniors make at least a pit stop back in the nest before starting their adult lives. To be honest, I think this has been true for almost every person I know.

My own stop was probably shorter than most, one month, but I know several friends and family members that have been back with the parental units for a year or more. While I think it's a pretty savvy move financially, there are many landmines to avoid, such as: not taking advantage of your parent's generosity, not becoming a burden, and not acting like you are 13.

I would love to hear some people's experiences from going home after college. Was it a good experience for you? How long did you stay? Are you glad you did it?



New Flavor Day at Haagen Dazs: May 15, 2007

Here's the scoop: At participating Haagen Dazs tomorrow, between 4 and 8 pm, the company is giving away free 4 oz scoops of one of its new flavors: sticky toffee pudding or cinnamon dulce de leche. The only hard decision will be figuring out which one to pick!



FSF: Free Screening of Waitress

This new Keri Russell film has received some pretty great reviews. Way to go, Felicity! If you're interested in seeing Waitress, but don't want to shell out the cash, why don't you see it for free?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are free screenings everywhere, but check out if there's one near you. It's just like the tagline line says: It's easy as pie!



7 Day Spending Challenge

Bankrate has an article that proposes a challenge to you: Go 7 Days Without Using Your Plastic. Instead, set a realistic budget for the week, take out that much cash and use only that. You can read the end article here.

I am heavily dependent on my credit card, but stick to my budget, so I am unsure whether or not I am going to try this out. It might be a good experiment. Any thoughts? Have you tried something similar in the past to get spending under control?