If you don't know about Yodlee, check to see if your bank provides the service to you at: http://corporate.yodlee.com/customers/consumers.html.

Yodlee, for those not in the know, serves as sort of a personal finance homepage. Through your bank, you are able to reconcile all of your bank accounts, credit cards, reward programs (including frequent flyer miles) and other various memberships all onto one easy-to-read page. The capabilities of Yodlee to calcuate outstanding debt versus investments and free cash flow are impressive. It also tells you your net worth, an important number to keep in mind to achieve any long term fiscal goals.

The initial set-up takes about 30 minutes to enter in all your passwords, etc., but it's well worth it if you are like me and check your bank statements at least daily.

While there are some concerns about security, if you are one of those people who use the same password for everything, then this is probably helping you because it allows you to monitor your finances more quickly and can therefore detect any shenanigans early on.

I have been on the Yodlee bandwagon for about a month and am pleased as punch with the results.