Free Stuff Friday (Er, Sunday)

I apologize about the slight lag between Sunday and Friday, but alas. As promised, the first installment of Free Stuff Friday features free online stock trades at Zecco. At first glance, you have got to be saying to yourself, wow, this sounds too good to be true. Good for you. Some skepticism is healthy. However, in this case, it seems mostly unwarranted.

The trades are free, up to 40 trades per month, but the catch is that you need to open your account with $2500. That's a lot of cash. There's no minimum as to how much you need to keep in the account, only how much to initially fund it. This is how they make their money for the most part - they earn interest on your cash. If you are a high roller and make a lot of trades per month (I definitely do not - I am in for the long run), then this is a fantastic deal. Free? Sure, why not. As for me, I am going to stick with Sogo Invest, with their $1 trades for the first 90 days. There's no account minimums to open, so it's a bit more appropriate for a smaller G like myself. However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about this great free service!