FSF: Budget Tools

Jonathan over at MyMoneyBlog has compiled an excellent list of budgeting tools for you to peruse.

Personally, I use PearBudget in partnership with Google Spreadsheets (to make it available online) and have been pretty happy with it.

It does have some limitations:
- Obviously, not being web-based.
- Does not have description fields as it is a straight Excel spreadsheet.
- Does not always accept updates made on the "main page."

- it is simple.
- it is user friendly.
- it has great analysis tools.

Starting next month, I am going to try out mo.neytrack.in. My initial tour through the site got me pretty jazzed as it seems to fill in some of PearBudget's gaps. I am especially interested in using it to track "group expenses" with my roommates. This could be revolutionary.

To sum up, pick a budget, any budget, so long as it works for you, and you use it.