FSF: (Bonus) Free International Phone Calls

Reinforcing my love of Jonathan over at My Money Blog, his post today gives a Iowa number that you can call to be able to dial internationally for free! The number is: (712) 858-8094. Check out the site AllFreeCalls.net to find out about more details. Jonathan also did a bit of research as to why this works and is not just another scam. Kudos. This will definitely be helpful in planning the trip to Spain!


Anonymous said...

This is nothing else than Futurephone, a weird Iowa toll number that costs you at least 6 cents or more per minute. The state of Iowa, or better these bogus companies, take advantage of an FCC kickback supported by the US Universal Service Fund (USF), so the company generating the calls makes money out of the USF and you. I'm more than sure that this isn't allowed to continue for long -- that's really not what the USF is for! Don't get fooled by these services!

roam4free said...

This is certainly nothing similar to Futurephone. I am the CEO of the company and I can guarantee you that we are in no way bogus or anything similar.
If you have a package on your phone for local and national calls this call is totally free not 6 cents per minute.
Thank you so much for the link, we appreciate you taking the time to write