Wheelin' Dealin'

I wandered over to a part of town that I hadn't spent much time in before, U Street, and stumbled upon a flea market. My roommates and I were in the market for a nice set of dishware. Lo and behold! I had hit the motherload! The man tried to tell me that the plates were German, until I showed the flipped plate over to him which said quite prominently "Made in England." His response? "Even betta!" Well in that case...57 pieces of dishware and accessories, a coordinating vase, and a tablecloth (er, sheet) for $21! My grin stretched from ear to ear, despite needing to call my roommate for a ride to carry all of the goodies home. What a lovely experience.

How is this at all applicable to you? Good question. My advice to you is this: if you are in the market for something, check some unorthodox places: Craigslist, the paper, your local flea market, etc. You'll never know the great deals you can find.