$15 Tivo/Amazon Unbox Credit -- Until 04/30/07

I love Tivo. I can honestly say that it's one of the devices in the last decade that has truly made a large impact in my leisure time. No longer a slave to arbitrary show times, I am free to come and go as I please, and I can skip through all those enticing ads that make me want to spend money on things I don't need! Tivo was the initial innovator in DVRs, and with its partnership with Amazon, shows its potential to keep on coming up with brilliant ideas like this one: Unbox.

With Unbox, if your Tivo is linked up via the internet (sadly mine is via my phone line), you are able to make purchases from Amazon for rent or purchase all by just clicking on the website. No more waiting for DVDs to arrive in the mail or going to the store to browse a movie. You can do it all from your living room.

Intrigued? Amazon and Tivo sure hope so. Until April 30, when you sign up your Tivo, Amazon will give you a $15 credit towards your Unbox purchases. If you do take advantage of this offer, I'd love to hear about it and hear how it worked out for you.

(Note: Not good for DIRECTV TiVo subscribers, TiVo Series1™ owners, or TiVo subscribers who use a telephone phone line to access the service).