Nobel Peace Prize Announced

I was psyched to hear that one of the founding fathers of microfinance, Muhammad Yunus, was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. His bank, which caters to the most destitute, started with mere $27! It's inspiring.

Microfinance has the opportunity to change the face of poverty more than almost any other movement in the last 30 years. It's innovative, creative, and resourceful - qualities I dig. Microfinance's appeal is that it allows people to participate in crafting their own futures - the proverbial "hand-up," not "hand-out."

Yunus has a book called Banker to the Poor available at Amazon (see below), which I hope to read after D-Day (GMAT on November 6th). I have a feeling this book is going to be outstanding. Looking forward to posting a review once I get to it. Congrats, Muhammed!