When these powers combine...

Two of my very favorite things in the world, free stuff and music, come together in one awesome web-based package at Pandora. The music station works as a sort of human genome project for music. Analysts at Pandora dissect what makes up the key elements of different types of songs and then categorize each and every song and artist available on the site. It's a fantastic way to become exposed to new music at no cost to you!

Here's a selection of some new people I have found or come to appreciate more because of Pandora (mostly folky, indie kinds of people, but some diversity):

- Hawksley Workman
- The Temptations (an increased awe)
- Tyrone Wells
- Midlake
- Pedro the Lion
- Marcia Ball (Cajun-flavored folk, pop)

Try it out. It's certainly worth the cost.