FSF: Healthfest

Due to no premeditated thought on my part, today's Free Stuff Friday (FSF) seems to have taken on a bit of a healthy theme. As I am sure you can tell, there's not often a lot of thought put into thematic elements here at The Financista, so this comes as a pleasant surprise! (I kid...well, mostly).

To start off with, get yourself in the right frame of mind with a free one-year subscription to Positive Thinking Magazine (while this is a bit tongue in cheek, I bet this could really come in handy when you are having one of those days). I would use a junkmail email address for it though, if you were interested. Otherwise, you will probably be receiving offers to join the Snail Lovers Fan Club magazine or Boat Shoe Fanatics trade magazines every other day.

So now you can check off taking care of your chakra and move on to taking care of your bones. Wal-Mart is featuring a free sample of an "easy to swallow" multi-vitamin and calcium pill. While my preferred method of dairy intake is ice cream, these certainly do have fewer calories.

Next up, once you take care of healthy bones and your inner glow, attend to your outer one with a free sample from Aveeno's Positively Ageless facial line.

Once you take care of all of these, you should be glowing from inside out! (I apologize to the men who read this blog -- I promise to have something tomorrow that is a bit more unisex!)