DIY Projects

Readymade is the magazine that I wish I had founded. The tagline: A Bimonthly Print Magazine for People Who Like to Make Stuff. Yes! That's me! I LOVE craft, art, and DIY projects.

I recently discovered them while wasting time at Urban Outfitters. They published a book entitled, How to Make (Almost) Everything that had me at hello. Feeling handy is one of my very favorite feelings, and I am forever redesigning uses for things I find around the house and at work. Since moving apartments, the hampster wheel is turning like crazy on how to decorate on a budget. This magazine has lots of ideas for fun projects for your place.

Another site that features great DIY project is Instructables.com. I am especially drawn to a project on how to make a lightbulb vase. Needless to say, it's a project that requires some serious protective gear. Let's hope I don't lose an eye on my next day off!