Moving and Miscellany

As I may have mentioned, I recently moved to a new apartment. With added square footage comes the need to fill that space (a pretty good reason to stay in a cozy place!) With the move, my shopping list includes a host of new items:

- new mattress/sheets
- bookcases (partial to the leaning/ladder variety)
- chaise lounge (IKEA has a very comfortable looking one for $299)
- lamp
- and MOST IMPORTANTLY, new drapes with noise/light blocking capabilities (I believe there was a reason the leasing agent showed us the apartment at 3 pm on a Saturday).

My goal is to keep all of these purchases under $1000 -- crazy you might say -- but here has been my plan of attack so far:

- Craigslist - good for everything except the mattress/linens. While I might normally lean towards scrounging for a used bed, my mother was appalled at the idea and insists that I get a new one, per an incident at a hotel and bedbugs. Since her concern also includes some financial assistance, it has been dutifully noted. I am using this comparison site to do some fact-checking and comparison shopping on different mattresses.
- Overstock - Especially for high-quality linens. They also have a lovely looking chaise that was a bit off from what I am looking for, but their $2.95 shipping on everything, including furniture, is incredibly appealing.
- JCPenney - allegedly have the best selection on blinds. Also, the website features a closeout section that is right up my alley.
- Ebay - everything
-IKEA - chaise, bookcases

I would love any tips or price comparison tools anyone might have. Have you recently moved and found a great discount furniture place? Let me know! I plan to do an updated post on any great deals or helpful sites I find.

(Since I may go broke saving money, the only activities I can partake in are those that are free or near free -- good thing Goldstar was to the rescue! In the event update I received, I was able to get FREE tickets to Kiss Me, Kate. All that I had to pay was the service fee ($13 for two!) So, for the price of a drink, I get to see live theater! Sign me up!