Caffeine Jitters? Free Fixes to Ease the Shakes.

Since many people seem to be on an IV drip to some sort of caffeinated beverage, here are a few places where you can get a free fix in the next few weeks:

March 8 (today): Participating McDonald's. (This will vary by franchise). Ask at the counter and you shall receive a free cup of coffee. Allegedly, McD's beat the Bucks in a blind taste test recently, and they are out to celebrate. If you are really pining for a cup, make sure you have a few bucks in your pocket in case that particular franchise is deciding to be stingy.

March 15: Starbucks is not to be outdone -- The Bucks is hosting a nationwide "coffee break" by giving away free 12oz cups of house coffee between 10am - noon.

March 21: Dunkin' Donuts wants to put a spring in your step by providing you with a free 16oz cup of iced tea to celebrate the end of the winter doldrums.

If I liked coffee or iced tea, this would be great, but since I don't, hopefully you'll enjoy! Thanks to G for passing along the info from YumSugar.