Lalala to Some New Tunes For Cheap

It seems that just about anything can be made better when the internet is added to it. Finding new music definitely fits into this category. I have already written about my love for Pandora, a way to find new music for free and listen to it online, but what if you want to take it one step farther and buy a new album? Lala is a service that allows you to ethically and legally get new music for cheap -- $1 plus $.75 for shipping and get rid of some of those musty CDs you don't listen to anymore (Tracy Bonham anyone?)

How it works:
List the CDs that you have to trade.
Send your CDs off.
Get new music in the mail.

It seems that easy. The owners of the site do ask that you delete the music you ship from your iPod, and I concur. Keep it honest.

Sounds like a great way to be clutter free and get some new tuneage.